An Exchange Participant (you) gets his/her certificate after the completion of their AIESEC exchange. The certificate is duly mailed to the concerned person. 

But wait. 

If you haven't received your certificate yet, this might be the reason. 

Standards and the NPS survey is due:

Once you complete the duration of your opportunity, you will receive a mail about completing the Standards and the NPS Survey. The survey is a set of 16 simple questions that you have to mark as either “yes” or “no”. 

How do you take the survey? 

It's simple. 

Log into your account and click on your profile tab.

Go to your applications tab and select the opportunity that you have completed.

Click on the button that says “take the survey”

And voila!!! You are good to go.

(Note: In some cases even after completing the survey if the certification isn't delivered to you, contact your Home Entity about the same.)

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