So, you want to know how our product "Global Volunteer" really works? All the steps? COME WITH ME THEN

In the Global Volunteer product, you will be working in an NGO for 6 - 8 weeks doing a project related to one of the SDG Goals.

After choosing for your favorite project, you apply for it and your home entity will be talking to you to guide the next steps. You will be facing the selection process, that is based in a chat with the host entity or a simple form that you will be filling in.

So, you did the selection process and got accepted? YAAAY, now you just need to talk to your home entity to sign your contract, pay the AIESEC Fee and fill your Leadership Development Assessment (LDA).

Now I'm going to do all the things by myself? Of course not! Your home entity will continue helping you with things like insurance, passport, visa, and more bureaucratic stuff.

After you pack your baggage and arrive at your destination, AIESEC will be there to welcome you and prepare for your new journey!! We will guide you to your new accommodation and to the first day of your work, so don't be afraid!

During the project, you will have spaces provided by AIESEC where you can develop the leadership skills that you most lack seeing your LDA (Leadership Development Assessment). It's an excellent opportunity to meet other people that are doing other projects.

After your project ends, you will return to your home and meet AIESEC one more time to tell us how was your experience! We love to hear and know if there is something we can improve

And don't forget to fill your Standards Survey!

That's it! Hope now you understand what really happens in our Global Volunteer program!

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