Leadership is all about taking responsibility. The AIESEC exchange is a catalyst that helps you make a difference to the world and responsibility is accepting that you are the cause and solution of the matter.

Every person who goes for an AIESEC Exchange is an AIESECer some or the other way and thus you must always remember that you are responsible for being an AIESECer. The following are some things that you will be responsible for.

(Did I scare you yet? )

Sign your Acceptance Note (AN) :

After the opportunity Manager accepts your application, you need to sign your AN as a gesture of acknowledgment of the terms and policies of the opportunity. You can know more about the AN in another one of our articles.

Take the Initial LDA:

The next step in your application process is to take your Initial Leadership Development Assessment. The assessment helps you keep track of your strengths and weaknesses and helps you grow along the course of your AIESEC exchange.

Dedicated sincere efforts to your opportunity:

According to the guidelines and EP (you) have to dedicate a minimum of 25 hours a week in a Global Volunteers opportunity and a minimum of 35 hours in a Global Talent opportunity. It will help you contribute effectively and develop a feeling of satisfaction towards your role.

Keep people informed:

After you complete the time requirements of your opportunity every day, you are free to explore what the Country or the City has to offer you. But always keep in mind to inform your EP buddy about it.

Take the exit LDA and the NPS Survey:

After the completion of your AIESEC exchange, the last two steps in order to complete your application process is to take the exit Leadership Development Assessment and the NPS or the Standards survey. The standards survey helps you keep a track of the quality of our exchange delivery and how can we make it better.

All of the above mention points are important to be followed. Signing your AN contract will allow you to move to the next step in your application whereas completing the Standards survey will provide you the access to your certificate!!

If you need any help regarding the above information, shoot us a message and we'll get back to you!!

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